2021 festival cancellation FAQs

Cancellation of the 2021 Newton Stewart Walking Festival

What has happened?

We have taken the difficult decision to cancel the 2021 Newton Stewart Walking Festival, which was due to run from 7th to 13th May.

Why have you made this decision?

This is due to the ongoing uncertainty around how long COVID-19 restrictions will be in place to protect our population.

Whilst the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccination brings us hope for the future, it is not possible to predict with any certainty when we will be able to run a walking festival which adheres to government guidance and legislation. Our first priority is the protection and safety of our participants, our volunteer guides and organisers and the wider community.

In addition, we need to protect ourselves as an organisation. We are currently operating in a way which minimises expenditure, but as we move closer to festival time we need to commit to additional expenditure, in the expectation of receiving income from our participants and other funders. If we cancel the festival at the last minute, it puts the financial stability of our organisation at risk.

Is it possible that Newton Stewart Walking Festival will not return?

No – Although this is now the second year in a row in which we have had to cancel our annual walking festival as a result of COVID-19, by cancelling now we can protect our organisation and our volunteers so that we can bounce back quickly when conditions allow. We will be delighted to welcome you back to Newton Stewart Walking Festival as soon as we can, and in the meantime we will keep in regular contact with you.

What are the dates for the 2022 Newton Stewart Walking Festival?

Our plan, at this stage, is to run a festival in 2022 from 6th to 12th May.

Last updated on 7th February 2021

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